Friday, September 27, 2013

ah. GOOD! IT's *HERE*!! About TIME!!

I WAS BEGINNING TO THINK THAT IT'D *NEVER* ARRIVE!! -- Although, I'm still kinda p*ssed that the OTHER-THING hasn't shown up, YET!! - [..just saying...]

okay. so. My "HAWAII FIVE-0 - Season 3" DVDs that I *had* to ORDER TUESDAY NIGHT, because They *weren't* "IN STOCK" at the STORE were FINALLY DELIVERED!! -- Just "in Time" for Me to view that LAST EPISODE to *catch-up* and "review", BEFORE Tonight's SEASON-FOUR PREMIERE!!

Afterward, between LAUNDRY-LOADS, more DVD-Viewing was done, AS I worked on "trying" to FINISH the GREEN-HAT... "Almost" complete... That LAST-BIT is always Time-CONSUMING and just a tad *TRICKY* to do.

Actually, I *would* have KEPT on going, BUT, I had "THIS" to DO! And, since MOTHER will LIKELY want Me "UP" *EARLY* for some YARD-SALE-FARI-ing in the Current "NICE WEATHER", I *really* should have been IN Bed HOURS AGO!!

soooo.... I'VE GOTTA GO DO *THAT* - NOW!!


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