Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Geez, that Sound is LOUD and kind of ANNOYING..."


YET, almost "familiar"..? - Sort of a cross between a BAD A/C UNIT and Construction on the ROOF..?

-- whatever... IT was drowning out the Store-"MUSIC" and, My SHOP-FARI-"ZEN"... And THEN, whilst Chatting with ANOTHER-CUSTOMER in the YARN-SECTION at the BACK of the Store, I suddenly *REALIZED* - [duh!] - "what" IT *WAS*!! -- oh... crap!

I moved toward the FRONT, where the Windows are... YEP. -- SHEETS of HEAVY RAIN!!

Which, really shouldn't have Surprised Me ANY! -- The SKY *was* FULL of DARK CLOUDS. High HUMIDITY. Rumours of a Massive COLD-FRONT headed This WAY. Predictions of PROBABLE-PRECIPITATION...

IT lasted for well over 20-Minutes...

hmm... guess I'll just have to *bide* My Time with MORE "BROWSING", huh?

I ended up with a slew of CLEARANCE-Stuff... SISTER can probably Use IT for Her SCRAPBOOKING. And, some OTHER-BLACK&WHITE-STUFF that PRINCESSES'-MOM can Use as HALLOWE'EN "TREATS", *OR*, for Her NEW "BUSINESS"-VENTURE..?!! - [more on THAT at a LATER Date, I'm sure]

and, yeah... A BALL of YARN!

Anyhoo, AFTER the NOAH-esque-ness had somewhat abated, I "Escaped"... And, had to Change-Up My SHOP-PLAN. I decided to go straight to GROCERY-GETTING... Then, HOME. *Before* the NEXT "WAVE"!

Besides, Driving around in RAIN just takes ALL of the *FUN* out of SHOP-FARI-ing...


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