Sunday, September 22, 2013


OW! -- I didn't see that...
where's the Light Switch..?
Whaddaya mean the Light *IS* ON?!
oh! right... I forgot... My *EYESIGHT* has "..FADED TO BLACK.."

You know... As much as I *Love* the Colour "BLACK", IT *IS* a PAIN to work with!! -- I don't know HOW "VICTORIAN"-ERA DRESSMAKERS or The AMISH did/do it in such POOR LIGHTING..?! -- Then again, MY "Lighting"-Conditions really aren't so *ILLUMINATING*, either!!


whatever... I'll be GLAD once I've Finished with the BLACK-SQUARES - [just 2 more to go!] - on This BLANKET - [SEE 18SEP2013 POST] - and get back to the - [15] - GREY ONES!


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