Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WOOHOO!! - IT's *Finished*!! ...sorta...

I STILL HAVE *MOST* OF THE "TAILENDS" TO DO... That'll be a *good* 2-plus Hours of Work! -- All of that BLACKNESS will certainly be more of a *Hindrance*...

Mind You, I probably *could* have gotten The BLANKET *ALL* Done, Tonight... However, that SILLY "need" to SLEEP, kinda Forced Me to "RE-schedule" My "WORK"-Time. -- Not that it *really* matters, AS the Hour is already LATE and there's still a Bunch of OTHER THINGS that I *have* to TEND TO *before* I actually "GET-TO-BED"!

ANYHOO... *ANOTHER* "SUNNY-DAY"... I'm somewhat in a State of "SHOCK" over THAT. Although, I spent most of the Day INside... Had some CYBER-Catch-Up to do.

I was *also*, HOPING to receive That DVD I ordered Last Night..? - Looks like IT won't be arriving until TOMORROW! -- BTW, I'm still "p*ssed" that the STORE didn't have IT "IN STOCK"! - OTHER Ones DID!

MEANWHILE, as to OTHER "SLOW-NEWS-DAY" HAPPENINGS... Apparently, My SISTER - NANA-AMNESIA - has MISplaced Her CAMERA..?? - [SEE 09SEP2013 POST] - I'm sure that IT's **SOMEwhere** in PRINCESSES'-MOM's House!?

Their FOUR CATS probably have a "SECRET" STUDIO set up someplace in the Basement...

well... HOPE She FINDS IT *soon*! -- They LEAVE Tomorrow Morning to Return HOME..

And *I*, am OFF to BED! -- Just hope that those rather CHATTY-CROWS aren't doing Their "ALARM-CLOCK" Routine again, in the Morning... NEED SLEEP! - Got STUFF to Do Tomorrow...





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