Friday, October 25, 2013

really? - Wait! Let Me "Guess"...


You know, there *was* a "LIST" that I was *really* going to TRY to adhere to, TODAY! - After Breakfast... AFTER, The ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS left to go do some Grocery-Getting... HOWEVER, My TOILET was *still* "running"...

IT's an OLD One. And, gets *finicky*... I'm always having to fiddle with the Handle to make certain that The TANK is *actually* Filling..?!

Anyhoo... Just as I was about to go through THE-LIST, I could Hear the TOILET... I fiddled the Handle... NOTHING. - crap! - NOT good...

After moving some Stuff, the LID is lifted off... ah! The DISH-shaped Stopper-Thingy ISN'T lifting OFF... why..?? -- ah! IT's come off the Other SCREWY-Bit... seriously? *Could* IT BE more AWKWARDLY Placed?!! - [THANKFULLY, the *SCREW* did NOT fall through the Drain!]

*HOW* does Something that *just* goes UP & DOWN *become* UN-SCREWED..?!?

whatever... There WENT 20-Minutes that I had *other* Plans FOR!

BUT... I did get that BLUE-ish HAT *DONE*! And, a Laundry-Load of SWEATERS... Another INCH on that OTHER HAT... Several on the SCARF -- mostly *during* the GAZILLION COMMERCIALS throughout the TWO SHOWS that I was watching.

CORRECTION - The TWO "INFOMERCIALS" that were *interrupted* by a couple of "SCRIPTED-DRAMAS"!

When the Commercial-Segments last LONGER than the Episode "ACTS", resulting in making the "WHO-DONE-IT"s into "WHO-CARES!-BTW-*WHICH*-SHOW-AM-I-WATCHING-ANYWAY?", there's a Reason as to *WHY* I will WAIT for the DVDs to come OUT!!

MEANWHILE, it's Time for Me to take a "SLEEP-BREAK"! - No worries! You should have enough Time to grab a bite to Eat... Flush a Toilet or two... And, generally BLOOG amongst Yourselves!


oh! And,



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