Sunday, October 28, 2012

gr-reat... Like I *don't* ALREADY have TONS-TO-DO *THIS* Week!!??

...SO "THEY" THROW A GINORMOUS STORM AT US??!! -- Talk about *OVERKILL*! - A Good-Thing that IT WASN'T Named "SHANDY", otherwise, I really *would* be PARANOID!!

well... At OTTAWA is "sorta" on the Northeastern EDGE of the "PREDICTED" PATH.
- I hope... Actually, the WEATHER might even be "NICE" for SATURDAY. For My CRAFT SALE..?? -- Crossing FINGERS and TOES!

hmm... I guess We'll be getting to "FIELD"-TEST that NEW ROOF, huh?

I just hope that We don't get TOO much RAIN! It's DAMP enough around Here as it is!
- Of course, Our BIGGER Concern is the WIND. There are still a few LARGE-mostly-Evergreen-TREES in the Backyard and Nextdoor, which "could" become Problematic under the WRONG Conditions...

Not to mention, EVIL-TREE-NEXTDOOR... 99% of ITS LEAVES are already ON OUR Lawn! - Depending of WIND *DIRECTION* and SPEED, that TREE is going to be a MENACE!

Whatever... IT's gonna be a *LONG* 48-HOURS... Sooooooooo GLAD that I *DON'T* LIVE on the EAST COAST!!

-- However, for THOSE of YOU Who DO, **BE SAFE**!!


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  1. BE SAFE!!!! ~hugggggs~

    And I got my yarn! Thank you, love!


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