Thursday, October 18, 2012

"..oh, TOTO!! -- IS it *THAT* Time A-GAIN??!!"

[SEE 26FEB2012 POST]
"..what-the-kibble..?! ANOTHER one?

Didn't I just add a Chapter to FANG-BOY's on-going *BIOGRAPHY* LAST OCTOBER?!!


I need to call my Agent... There's gotta be a clause in my Contract about this ANNUAL *BIRTHDAY-TIME* somewhere..?

..seriously.. That CAROLYN *Freshie* never gives me this many GREY-HAIRS!

FLYING-MONKEYS!! - He. Did. NOT. Just. EAT. *MY*. BACON!?!"


1 comment:

  1. giggling madly!

    Thanks again, sugar, for the birthday wishes and the wool.

    So love keeping up with your adventures, and I'm going to try and live by your example and post more frequently on my own blog!


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