Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm missing a Shovel...

CAN'T FIND THAT ONE MADAME-Q LEFT ME... Could have really USED IT Today!

CHOPPING-UP the FROZEN-SLUSH-ICE was a tad "TRICKY" in Spots -- *SEVERAL* of My SHOVELS and the ICE-HOE were NEEDED. The ICE Quality changes every Few-Feet!

Although the LAYER-DEPTH was only an INCH or so, I was still OUT *THERE* for 2-HOURS! - Mostly, at the CURB *trying* to RE-Route the MELT-SLUSH-WATER to the SEWER... IF I'd had that OTHER-SHOVEL, I might've been able to WIDEN the FLOW-PATH. -- I just *HOPE* that WHEN EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY swings by, that He *actually* REMOVES some of Harder-Crap!

BTW, the Earlier "PATH" that FATHER had Carved along the LAWN-LINE - [to get to the Empty TRASH-CANS] - only ended up being more of a Problem when IT RE-Froze incorrectly... A Scoop-Width to the "RIGHT" would have been considerably more "Time-SAVING".

I *ADMIT* IT! - I'm a little "O.C.D." with My SHOVELLING-"TECHNIQUES"! However, I've honed My "SKILLS" into an ARTFUL-*SCIENCE*. -- Some People JOG, *I* SHOVEL.

MEANWHILE... There's *RUMOUR* of MORE CRYO-PRECIPITATION for Tomorrow..? - HOPE *NOT*! At least, *until* LATER! -- I've got STUFF-TO-*DO*!! PLACES-TO-*BE*, other than *BEHIND* a SHOVEL!


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