Tuesday, December 18, 2012

May The EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY Scrape-by In Interesting *TIMES*...



Over TWO of those Falling SLUSH-DRIZZLE-SNOW Hours were Spent CLEARING and DRAINING the Nearby SEWER to keep My Laneway from FLOODING - *between* - the TWO-TIMES that "E-S-G" **FILLED** Said-Laneway UP with SIX-FEET of **SLUSH-NAMI**!! - [AS I stood-by watching! - I'm really going to have to start VIDEO-ing this crap!]

Let's just say, at THIS Point, I'm actually Hoping that "THE MAYANS" *DO* Show-Up for SOLSTICE-Dinner!!

So... TODAY's "PLANS" were a total BUST! -- Probably, a "Good-Thing" seeing as ROAD-Conditions were rather NASTY! - Meanwhile, I made a few Calls... RE-Scheduled the "MY-Day"-SHOPtivities for THURSDAY!

The "ITINERARY" is Lengthy... I'll have to do some "PREP"-Work Tomorrow to Streamline a few Things.

ANYHOO.... As I "Recovered" from the Challenges of CRYO-HYDROLOGICAL-REPOSITIONING, I *managed* to FINISH the "Current"-HAT! -- Only had Time for THIS "PREVIEW" PIC. *MORE* Tomorrow!!


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