Saturday, December 22, 2012


AND, IF I HADN'T BEEN SO EXHAUSTED... Or, that IT wasn't so LATE in the Day, I would have *ESCAPED* for a WHILE, AFTERward!! -- Then again, I haven't Looked OUT of a Window "recently" and, EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY does have this "KNACK" for *SPEEDY* "RE-Construction"..?!

Anyway... Despite, the SUNNINESS, the WINDS were rather GUSTY and BITING! Doubtlessly, "HELPFUL" with the Overnight FREEZE-DRYING of the *SNUSH* and actually making IT "Lighter" - sorta... However, SHOVELLING in Said-*MEGA*-BREEZE was a tad "Challenging"..?

Meanwhile, FATHER *insisted* on "ASSISTING", but was a "concern" as to His penchant for NOT Wearing WARM *enough* Clothing! THANKFULLY, He went back IN after completing the "Dismantlement" of THE WALL's "WEST WING"! -- I stayed OUT to "DUST-OFF" the Grainy-Bits covering the INCH-THICK-Pebbled-ICE-SHEET that's *FUSED* to the Laneway's Asphalt and the PATIO-Side of the HOUSE.

I Later worked on My "WARMING-UP" Techniques with some KNITTY-VEG-TIME... I'm taking a Stab at "trying" Something a little *DIFFERENT*. - At least, in Time-Management-"TECHNIQUE"? *IF*, IT works "OUT", THE ELVES are sooo gonna *hate* Me!

Well... OFF to Bed now, BEFORE *THE BODY* Files ITS own GRIEVANCE!


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