Sunday, December 9, 2012



IT's that ONE in the Middle...


Yesterday, when I caught Him in a *brief* NON-Store-"ELF"-Moment, and after Our Discussion concerning "SMART"-CAMERA-THEORY, We got onto to "YARN"... I was mentioning that PATONS apparently had a "CLASSIC WOOL" **ROVING** Line, and was wondering about the *Possibility* of the STORE "getting" SOME..??

And that's WHEN, He Informs Me of a NEW SHIPMENT of those 5-BALL-PACKS that's just COME-IN, but hasn't been *checked-out* YET!! --

"..You want me to bring them out and have a look..?"

oooo!! - I so *Love* WELL-"TRAINED"-MERCHANTS!!

5-Minutes later, He's back with a BOX... hmm... Mostly "PINKS", which I have enough of - [for now] - and a couple of "GREENS" and a "BLUE" - [like ABOVE] - which I also *already* have. However, seeing as He WENT to all that Trouble, I grabbed the BLUE-PACK. Besides, THAT Shade "goes" with EVERYTHING!

MEANWHILE, the Part where MANAGER-DAVE *really* EARNS His "HAT" - [the ABOVE *WORK-IN-PROGRESS*] - about 15-Minutes Later, He TRACKS Me Down on the OTHER side of the STORE, "..I found *another* BOX!"

More PINK... and... WOOHOO! - Finally! Another "COGNAC" Shade!! -- I got the *only* ONE of Those during My INITIAL-*MEGA*-PURCHASE.

Ooooo!!! - WHAT's **THAT**??!! -- [INSERT HAPPY-*STASH*-DANCE!]

There was only **ONE** PACKAGE of "BONSAI"!! - [ABOVE "BLEND"] - A totally NEW Colour that I *know* will GO with EVERYTHING!!

I soooo NEED **MORE**!!


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