Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"The COLD" is back...

SORTA... For Days, I've been going through the "Tissues" and, the odd whiny Cough... But, last Night, it was annoying! AND, messing with My Asthma. Not good. -- BTW, the WHOLE Day of RAINING hasn't "helped", either!

I sooo do NOT *need* THIS for Saturday!!  ..aarrrgghhhhhh[cough!]hhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Meanwhile... that October Issue of CANADIAN HOUSE AND HOME *finally* showed up! AFTER Two Phone Calls! -- The Last Operator was quite helpful! Perhaps, it was because We happened to have the SAME First Name [just slightly different spelling]...? Whichever, THANK YOU!

Now. IF I could only GET a proper Phone Number for the COUNTRY LIVING Subscription Department...?  I'm MISSING the November Issue! -- Just sent Them *another* "Tweet"...

Okay. So...


  • P. 35 - "PIPING" - Yes, it looks great! It's also a PAIN to DO!
  • P. 40 - Ceramic Artist ANDY BLICK - Loving the Textured TILES.
  • P. 50 - LEATHER BASKETS - Sweet!
  • P. 126-130 - Some rather intriguing BEDS... All very Stylish in their own way, although, each seem to have the odd little "con" about them, that makes Me hesitant in Personally choosing any of them. -- I'm just a tad FUSSY that way...
  • P. 152-153 - I'm Lusting over the BLUE & WHITE Dishware Collection in the Cupboards...
  • P. 186-190 - "FELTING"... Looks like Everybody is doing it! I've gotta find Time to give it a try Myself!

Well... have CREATING to DO!


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  1. I tried felting, made a right ess, perhaps we can get together and have a tutorial hehe hugs tinkx


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