Sunday, November 28, 2010

Such an "exciting" Day...


However, it was Cloudy. A bit Warmer, but still Cold. That ICE on the Laneway, really does enjoy being where it is!

I know the Feeling... I wasn't in the MOOD to do anything, either. I probably, should have walked over to the FUTURE SHOP to pick up My Earphones, and MAIL a Letter... Instead, settled on a bit of Laundry and mending a "run" I discovered in a Sweater.

Luckily, MOTHER actually DID have the necessary "Tool" that I required. AND, that it was WHERE it was "suppose" to be! -- The REPAIR went flawlessly.

Also, figured out one more *new* thing about HTML coding... Which puts Me up to about a
"handful" of items that I now "know"! Hmm... At this Rate, I should be able to spell My Name out of Breakfast Cereal Letters by the End of the Century!

Anyway, I "managed" to FIX that Widget Button on The SIDEBAR, so that it CLICKS into My PHOTOBUCKET Site. YAY!

Whatever... Here's a Pic to keep You Guys from getting Bored...

THIS is "VANILLAPISTACHIOCHOCOCARMEL" - done in IVORY, PISTACHIO, CHOCOLATE, and TAN - Who is now living in a "Matching Room" with the First Grandchild of one of My Second Cousins...


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