Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Really, Really, Busy, BUSY!!

SERIOUSLY, MOST of this PREP stuff should have been DONE last SUNDAY! But, hey, You know, FAMILY "visiting" [TRANSLATION: *shopping* at the nearest MALL!] - and, that whole 3-Hour-BABY-WATCHING thing...

It's a damn good thing that The KID is sooo CUTE!!

Anyway... I'm truly UP to My Eyeballs here! There are some RACK Pieces that need "Locating"...

Somewhere... IN this CHAOS, there actually IS some ORDER... However, do Yourselves a favour, and try NOT to STRAIN *anything* Searching for IT!

Okay.. I've GOT to Post THIS and GET to BED!!


1 comment:

  1. Hope all goes well sno dear sending fairy hugs and fairy dust to help your sales!!!!hugs tinkx


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