Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Decor Mag" Day!

COUNTRY LIVING - December 2010 / January 2011

  • P. 34 - No Contest! Of course, the BLUE & WHITE BURLEIGH COW CREAMER! I *love* Their STUFF! - [SEE 03AUG2010] And, I wouldn't say "No" to the Brass STORK PAPER CLIP, either...
  • P. 35 - The GOLDEN STAG NESTING BOWLS Measuring Cups are interesting...
  • P. 41-43 - These Antique NUTCRACKERS are entertaining... And, if I were to leave that SQUIRREL one on Our Porch, it's doubtful that Our "live" ones would *ever* get a CLUE!
  • P. 46 - Ooo... I like that JEWELRY CASKET...
  • P. 51-53 - The sand-filled Little Bottles MENORAH is a super idea! And, I'll have to show MOTHER the SEWING PATTERN STOCKINGS - the Tape Measure hanging loops are a great touch.
  • P. 65 - The Old CHRISTMAS LIGHT BULBS in a JAR... Now, THIS is an Idea that HOARDERS would love!
  • P. 84-93 - I'm having a ROCKWELLIAN Moment with the Exterior Photo of this Farmhouse and Barn! Although most of the Holiday Decor is quaint and homey, I'm not so big on that particular RED & GREEN Combo in the Dining Room. I'm also not a Fan of PAINTING OVER such great Millwork - especially, in that Shade! Not keen on the Busy Wallpaper, either. But, I DO love the Hallway WRITING DESK though.
  • P. 96-99 - YUMM!
  • P. 100-105 - Overall, a cozy Neutral Palette that's Aesthetically Subtle.
  • P. 106-111 - The GREEN FEATHERED TREE are cute. And, the BUTTON WREATH - I'm liking this a lot...
  • P. 122 - ONION PIE...? -- I *don't* Cook or Bake, but, I'm saving THIS Recipe!
  • P. 124-128 - YUMM-FEST!!  Duh..!? BROWNIES!!!

I really WISH that They would LOSE the Dozen-plus Pages of Pharmaceutical Adverts... This DOUBLE ISSUE was THIN enough as it is!


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