Friday, November 12, 2010

"..It's FRIDAY..? - *already*..!?"

BUT... I've still got STUFF to DO! ...ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

You know, TIME "MANAGEMENT"... IS a MYTH! Then, toss in THINGS that DON'T arrive in The MAIL when they should, PEOPLE *out* of Their Offices, FATHER - [because He just has This "GIFT"
to do so] - screwing up MOTHER's "Schedule" - hence, MINE... The ONLY positive Factor was that The Weather HELD! -- But, don't hang on to THAT little "Bubble" for too long... THE PIN could strike at *any* Time!

Hopefully, the "Saturday" Stuff can get done without TOO much difficulty! I've got TONS to do on Monday - IF - Things arrive, People show up, adequate Parking is to be had...

In the meantime... I hate leaving You Guys with the BORING mundane bits of My Life. Especially,
without PICS! So. I thought I'd give You a TASTE of My NEXT "Planned" Project... To be "started", WHENEVER I can get INTO The ROOM and "extricate" the Needed COLOURS that I plan on USING!

I'll put out a FLIGHT PLAN when I do -- just in case, I miss a POSTING... I may need to be RESCUED!

Anyhoo... HERE it is...

Just a quick little DESIGN TEMPLATE of LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED's Room... THEY're in a "Rental", so there's only "so much" that THEY can do with The Space. At the Top, is My "current" PATTERN CHART - the actual COLOUR Shades will likely end up varying... Depends on what I can
"mine" from YARN MOUNTAIN!

So. Thoughts...?


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  1. Lubbly but you know i love PINK!!!hugs tinkx


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