Saturday, November 6, 2010

..ah..WHAT Day is this..?


And, We TURN the Clocks BACK Tonight... woohoo.. I get to RELIVE My *Exhaustion* ALL over again!

-- HEY! You, BRAIN CELLS! Where the Lobotomy do You THINK You're going? Just GET Your mis-firing Synapses BACK into My HEAD!! I've got Stuff to DO!

Sooo... did I get to the Part yet, about NOT getting *any* SLEEP last Night...? -- No? Huh. Must have slipped My MIND... I'm going to Blame it on The NEURONS. They're always up to NO GOOD!

Okay. My *DAY* of "Adventures in CRAFTY RETAIL"... a.k.a. The GOOD SHEPHERD CHURCH CRAFT SALE -

  • As predicted, LEFT House 15 Minutes LATER than Planned! MOTHER was with Me.
  • Made good Travel-Time.
  • HATE Driving IN the Dark!
  • Oh, Joy! Almost wiped out getting Out of the Car - a fine film of BLACK ICE on Parking Lot!
  • Many trips hauling STUFF into "Church", to TABLES, dodging OTHER Vendors...
  • Trying to DO the Job of several Clones in SETTING UP.
  • MADAME-Q and Her Daughter - Y-GEN BABE haven't shown up YET! [They had the 3rd Table]
  • The SUN has come Up! Lasering into Room from Wall of Windows...
  • Barely have Time to take fuzzy Pics of the Tables BEFORE "Opening".

What PEOPLE See - IF They *bother* TO look - when Entering the Main Room. And, get past the Vendor on the Left...

Actually, IT looks MUCH better IN Person. With lots and LOTS of Colours just waiting to Lure unsuspecting Shoppers to Them... -- Now, IF I had a Larger Vehicle, Clones, a Time-Share of SANTA's Workshop... I could probably have a more Interesting and less Laborious Set-Up. I have
"Design" Thoughts...

The Other Angle.... Sorry, for the fuzziness. No sleep, remember? I was in a Rush... For the NOT so Large Crowd of People... Hmm... There're usually MORE Shoppers at this Thing. -- Oh, well, mustn't complain, at least there's a CONSTANT flow!

Oooo! And, the Sound of Opening PURSES!!

And, here's MOTHER, scurrying about to do something...? BTW, Those are Her HATS on the Right. BELOW, is a closer View of Her WASHCLOTH ANGELS and Christmas STOCKINGS - She used to have more elaborate ones in previous Years...


SALES were steady... Mostly of the WASHCLOTHS, and a MOA-BOA.  Those WASHCLOTH COMBO SETS sparked a fair amount of Interest - and, a few Purchases! BLANKET "Viewing" could have been better...

Actually, that's more for My NEXT "Show" - My Table Assignment *there* offers MUCH better access. Mine's the FIRST Booth You see when Entering the MAIN ROOM! -- Location, Location, Location...

Anyway... thankfully, Today's SALE was only about 6 Hours. After, rushing to PACK UP - an arduous Task! - I was on the Exhausted side.... Sooo GLAD that the Weather held, and that Traffic wasn't too bad getting Home. Meanwhile, MOST of the STUFF is STILL in the Car! I just don't have the desire to HAUL it all back into the House just yet...

Besides, My Lower Back is a bit of a "mess" right now. And, I'm still coming DOWN from all that SALES PITCH "High"... I'm in "VEG" Mode at the Moment.

OH!  SISTER and BIG-D dropped by for a little while this Evening. They're in a Hotel Tonight, and then heading Home in the Morning, back to New Brunswick. They've been Here for almost 3 Weeks... -- I copied off a couple of SISTER's Camera Cards... Still have to take a look at the Contents... There should be some NEW Pics of LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED that I can use for Future BLOOG Posts!

Okay. I think I'll test out that whole Wakefully-Challenged Thing now...


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  1. All your stuff looks great sno! hope your back is feeling better hugsx tinkx


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