Sunday, November 7, 2010


I SUPPOSE THAT.. IF, I *had* to be a SQUIRREL - Today - I'd likely be THIS Guy... [one of SISTER's many Creature Pics!]

More GREY Hair, than RED. YARN FLUFF in My Face. Just vegging "on the Fence", with absolutely NO inclination to DO *anything*...

Despite, NOT having had much SLEEP Yesterday, I still ended up getting to Bed LATE. That whole TEMPORAL SHIFT business can be such an inconvenience at Times... Although, the EXTRA Hour does have its Moments...

Got UP really LATE, too! I guess all that "Rest" helped, as I wasn't feeling as "Sore" as I had expected to this Morning. However, I DID take My Time with catching up on My NEWSPAPER Reading, BEFORE having to tackle the Task of UNLOADING The Car of ALL My CRAFT SALE Paraphernalia... Luckily, the Weather was pleasantly SUNNY and Crisp.

Afterward, I spent the Rest of the Day catching up on "Paperwork" and "Planning" the remainder of the Week ahead... There's LOTS of "Little" Things that NEED to be ATTENDED to THIS Month, whilst the Weather is promising to be favorable THIS Week!

Oh, and I've finally come up with a COLOUR-PATTERN Combo for LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED's
"Promised" BLANKET! Amongst SISTER's Pics, were a few of The BABY's ROOM... It does help the "Creative" Process, to actually SEE The SPACE that One is trying to "Match Up" with!

Hopefully, I can get STARTED on IT later in the Week... IF, I don't have to go DIGGING too FAR into The ROOM for a couple of The COLOURS...


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