Monday, November 1, 2010



[SEE 30SEP2010 POST]

Yes? Okay. Now, imagineGREAT BIG RED "X" painted on Him... THAT happened a few Weeks back.

Since then, He's been attacked by BOTH Neighbour's LEAVES, run over by lost SQUIRRELS, and recently, SNOWED on!

So... EARLIER this Morning, MOTHER hears "weird" Noises OUTSIDE... Looks OUT the Window and sees THIS Contraption - STUMP MULCHING!

Ah, really, GUYS..? DEAD Tree "Robbing" on ALL SAINTS' DAY...?

I can't help but imagine, that there must be some sort of Cosmic/Karmic/Theologic, extremely inappropriate, yet hysterically humorous "JOKE" involving "Druids" and/or Other Tree-Huggie Types, just hovering in the BACK of many a Mind out there, right now...

Anyway, after "exhuming" and collecting ALL Traces of the Arboreal Remains, the "Scene" was
FILLED in and COVERED up by much DIRT. Then, SEEDED...

Hmm.. Looks like a clear Case of "Planting OVER Evidence" to Me!

In the Meantime... Seeing as I have a CRAFT SALE on Saturday, I'll be spending a good part of My Time in the next few Days PREPPING for IT! A LOT of "Behind the Scenes" WORK is involved with These EVENTS. And, when it's a ONE-WOMAN "Team" with a SMALL Car and MUCH Equipment and Inventory that has to be SET UP [and Later, PACKED UP] in a SHORT amount of Time...

...BTW, have I mentioned the Part about MOTHER coming, WITH Her STUFF, too!?

LONG STORY SHORT - It can ALL be just a wee bit STRESSFUL... And, I **NEED** CLONES!!
[..I, have minor "OCD" issues when Origami-ing My STUFF in and out of the Car...]

Soooo... just a WARNING on the probable likelihood of most of THIS Week's POSTINGS being on the SHORT-SIDE.


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