Tuesday, August 13, 2013

..hang on.. Wasn't it *suppose* to RAIN, Today..?!

nuts!! -- I PROBABLY COULD HAVE GONE SHOPPING AFTER ALL... Then again, I would have just gone and *BLOWN* My "BUDGET"!

Actually though, IT *did* end up RAINING... *LATER*! -- And, IT's *just* starting to do a bit of BOOMING right NOW!? -- So, I should probably keep THIS on the SHORT-side..? Which, shouldn't be *that* "Difficult", as NOT much was going on!

Got another INCH or TWO done on THE HAT... About 80% Complete... Did some CYBERNESS
-- You might have "Noticed" the ODD "CHANGE" on The SIDEBAR..? -- BTW, be sure to CHECKOUT TAMI's "WORK-IN-PROGRESS-WEDNESDAYS" LINK...

-- later on..!!


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