Wednesday, August 7, 2013



-- No Lie! Over 70% of My Appointments RESULT in METEOROLOGICAL CONDITIONS favouring the "BIBLICAL"-side *during* the VISITS and/or ON Those Days...

In FACT, a THUNDER-STORM is *slowly* Lingering OVERHEAD at THIS Moment! And, The POWER has "BLINKED" Twice! -- I'm on *BATTERY* as I Write THIS... wait! - IT's moving OFF... Gonna "PLUG-IN" again.

ANYWAY... I had that PHYSIO Session Earlier. So, of course, IT was CLOUDY Out. However, WARM, so I didn't bother with any Rain-Gear. Although, I might RE-Think My WARDROBE NEXT Time when I *WALK* over... IT was RAINING when I Departed over an Hour Later. - Thankfully, just a FINE-RAIN. Just enough to be DAMP and *ANNOYING*!!

Not to mention, likely laying WASTE to ALL of My "THERAPY"-TREATMENTS!?!

So. GREAT STAFF. I had 3-PEOPLE - [I'm going to Call THEM the "J-CREW", as THEY ALL had Names that began with *J*!] - Treating Me via Various-Methods. The WARMING-TOWELS were probably My Favourite! - I even got a Few Minutes of KNITTING done during That "Session".

Meanwhile, I go again in a Couple of Days... I do HOPE that THIS all "Cures" QUICKLY, *before*
I run OUT of "Coverage"..? -- I just might have to Seduce THEM into *BUYING* My HATS and BLANKETS!!


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