Thursday, August 1, 2013

well...THAT only took Me about THREE Months to DO...


I Speak of course, of My *FINALLY* getting around to MAKING an Appointment with a PHYSIO-THERAPIST for My Crappy-SHOULDER! -- I go Next Week...

Just HOPE that the WEATHER is "Agreeable"..?! -- It was RAINING when I popped over to the PLACE Earlier, along My way to THE-MALL. Which, naturally, slacked-off by the Time I Arrived. THEN, about a Half-Hour later, the SUN was OUT all Bright & Shiny & SWELTERING! -- I hadn't quite "expected" THAT!

I'm going to BLAME The-UMBRELLA-That-I-*Never*-Bring-Along for inciting such an ABRUPT "CHANGE"!

Anyhoo... I just ran a Few ERRANDS There and some GROCERY-GETTING... NOTHING "EXCITING"... oh. And BTW, the Evening's Load of "LAUNDRY" doesn't Count, either! - NOR, do those FEW ROWS of KNITTING...

Which, REMINDS Me... I *still* have to go LOOKING for More of that GREEN WOOL! -- I shall have to make an EFFORT, Tomorrow to DO so... perhaps...

NUTS! -- I've *just* Remembered that there's SOMETHING *ELSE* that I really do HAVE TO do "TONIGHT"!!
right. so... WHILST I DO, go ahead and CLINK-ON-OVER to TAMI's "FO-Fridays" Site - [also SEE SIDEBAR] - I don't have "Anything" for IT This Week, but there's always Plenty of OTHER-CREATIVE-PEOPLE Posting-About! -- Have a VISIT!


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