Thursday, August 22, 2013

oh. WOW! weirdness...

IT ISN'T HURTING..??! -- huh. what's THAT about?

Sooo... IMAGINE My "Surprise" This Morning - after an Evening of ACHES and general DISCOMFORT, not to mention, a few *different* PAINS - that once I was "UP", My SHOULDER was actually Feeling *Remarkedly* BETTER!?!! -- *VERY* BETTER!

And, CONTINUED to DO so for the REST of the Day!! - DESPITE, the DAMP WEATHER and spending way *too* much Time on BUSES... [I had to go DOWNTOWN. LOTS of TRAFFIC. LAST minute DETOURS...]

I am quite in "Shock" over IT all. -- Although, I suppose the REAL "TEST" is whether or *not* the "Trend" KEEPS on through to and, *during* Tomorrow..?

ANYHOO, until THEN, I still have CROCHETING to DO!! - WHILST I *painlessly* CAN!


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