Monday, April 29, 2013

..ahh...oh-kaay...sooo, Either "SOMEONE" real-ly, **REALLY** "Likes Me"..??

OR, "BLOGGER" WE HAVE A *STAT*-PROBLEM!!? -- Because, Honestly, I *ain't* THAT "Popular"!! NOR, have a Gazillion "FOLLOWERS" to *Explain* the over 160 "Views" I had around 5 a.m.!!??

And seriously, the Extra *Attention* is NICE and all, BUT, I'd really rather have "The CASH"!!
-- just saying...

ANYHOO... Like *CLOCKWORK*, the WEATHER did *not* Disappoint with ITS COOL-DREARY-DAMP-RAINY-MOMENTS on **PAPER**-RECYCLE-DAY!! -- oh! And, there was YARD-WASTE Pick-Up, too!

You know, IT kinda makes One "WONDER"..?? -- The "Fact" that there seems to be RAIN 4 out of 5 Times on PAPER-Pick-Up-DAY... *COULD* IT be some WEIRD-TWISTED-"ARBOREAL"-*CURSE* from the "PAPER's" long-dead *FAMILY-TREES*..?? - As in, those MANY "LOGS" that once FILLED Our Local WATERways..?!

OTTAWA began as a LUMBER-TOWN. -- I *still* Remember the sight of seeing COUNTLESS Logs floating in the OTTAWA RIVER just below the Cliffs of PARLIAMENT HILL. There used to be a *huge* SAWMILL on the Opposite Shore - [the QUEBEC Side] - Actually, One of My Late UNCLES made a SHORT-FILM-DOCUMENTARY on the Local "Industry" just before IT Died-Out...

whatever... I just can't help imagining that SOME of those DEAD-*SOGGY*-TREES are exacting Their "REVENGE" by WATERING-down Their *DESCENDANTS*!? -- yeah. *CRAZY*! I know... Then again, not nearly AS much as The WEATHER of Late. So. Who's to Say? huh?

MEANWHILE... Also got some "Expected"-GOOD-MAIL and a New DECOR-MAG in the POST. -- So, the DAY wasn't a Total-WRITE-OFF!

hmm... I wonder WHO will show up in My Next Bunch of "STATS"..? - Another MULTITUDE of ADORING-LITERARY-*FANS* or, just the Haunting PAPERazzi..??


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