Friday, April 12, 2013

hmm... I might just *WIN* that SNOW-"Pool" after all...

- [SEE 19MAR2013 POST] -

SO. THERE'S THIS *OTHER* OTTAWA "WEATHER-FACT"... We *OFTEN* get SNOW - [even if IT's just a FLAKE or Two] - up to the FIRST WEEK of *MAY*!

THAT said, I'm still UNdecided on as to What was the *most* DISTURBING, Today...
  • - The 4-Plus-Inches of WET-HEAVY-STICKY-CEMENT-SLUSH-SNOW...
  • - Having to SHOVEL - [for 2-Hours] - IT in the WINDY-on-&-off-FREEZING-RAIN-SNOW-PELLET-SQUALLS...
  • - SEEING My *FIRST* ROBIN hopping about!?!

ANYHOO... *MOST* of the NASTY-BITS "appear" to have MOVED-ON... sorta... Tomorrow's FORECAST could be more of the SAME, but to a LESSER degree..?? -- Let's just Say, that any SATURDAY-SHOP-FARI-ING will be on "STAND-BY"...


MEANWHILE... As I *RECOVERED* from My "CRYO-sthenics", I got around to finishing THIS up!

A slightly *Smaller* MOABOALOHA... I didn't want to have to Use *more* than the 3-BALLS that I ended up going through as it was.



  1. Brrr I'm shivering just reading this. x

  2. My daughter would love all the snow, she's desperate to have some to play with - I think I prefer it to only appear occasionally as it does here in the UK. I hope you stay nice and warm this week.


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