Wednesday, April 24, 2013

...just over a THIRD *DONE*!


Normally, I could have a BLANKET in "This Size", COMPLETED in a WEEK! - However, I've only had a chance to get *at* IT for only a Couple of Hours Every-Other-SECOND-Night..? -- [..'cause I had this BLOOG to Do..]

And then, there's the Part where SEVERAL of the "SQUARES" had to be RE-done to CORRECT the "TENSION"... The "NAVY" YARN is about a Third THINNER than the "MIXED"-One, so I've had to *compensate*... And, "EYE-BALLING" that Colour at NIGHT, in LOWER-Lighting..?

-- IT's a "CHALLENGE"!

ANYHOO... ONCE IT's *DONE* and You see ITS "NAME", then My *PALETTE*-Choice will hopefully, "Make Sense"..?


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