Thursday, April 11, 2013

POST-*1001* -- The DAY "AFTER"...

oh! You GUYS are STILL *HERE*?!! - SWEET!

So, listen... Just make Yourselves *comfy*... There's PLENTY of YARN left in "THE ROOM". -- Just, *watchout* for the Falling RIBBONS! And, those EMPTY BOXES that are *EVERYWHERE* and need to be Filled... And, there're also MUNCHIES in the MINI-FRIDGE...

Meanwhile, I'll just be over HERE, Filling-Out *another* "COUPON"-SURVEY... Then, BACK to My CROCHETING...

IF You get "Bored", go ahead and CLICK-into ANY of the "SIDE-BAR" LINKS. There's always *SOMETHING* COOL happening with Those FOLKS! -- You'll have to WAIT until Tomorrow for any "COOL"ness HERE, though, *when* that Usual-SPRING-*SNOW*-STORM comes to "VISIT"!

-- NOT to WORRY! **SHOVELS** are Standing BY!!


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