Friday, April 19, 2013

A Weird-Windy-Weather End to a Wild-Whacky-Wicked-Week!!

ONE MINUTE, IT'S 22C... THE NEXT, 10C... And, did I mention the GUSTING-WINDS inbetween..?? - And, odd RAINY bits...

Whatever... Glad I stayed IN! - Besides, I was kinda Feeling *achy* with the Dampness and Barometric Changes... The "JOYS" - [not] - of getting OLDer! -- And. there's "RUMOUR" of "FLURRIES" for Tomorrow..??!! - YUCK! - But, SUNSHINE, too..??

At this point, I'll just *Wait* until IT "happens"! Or, NOT... I just WANT to get The-SHOPPING *done*!! And, OUT of the Way, so I can *FINISH* My TAXES and MAIL Them OFF! -- I need to make "SPACE" for NEXT WEEK's SCHEDULE-of-PROBABLE-*ADVENTURES*!


Just the "THEME" of the *FIRST* of PRINCESSES'-MOM's *several* "CONTINENTAL"-ranging BRIDAL-SHOWERS!! -- Beginning with the EAST-COAST One with "The-BRIDE" attending via "SKYPE"!!

SISTER has been going NUTS with the "DECOR"!!


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