Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I STAYED "HOME"!! -- Despite the NICE WEATHER and being "TOUR-de-TUESDAY"... It was a Lot *SAFER* and likely "CHEAPER" that Way!!

Besides, as LAST-DAY-of-the-MONTH, there was CYBERNESS to attend to. And, NOTHING "Out-There" in *vital* need of My ACQUIRING-ATTENTIONS anyway! -- Hope THEY weren't *MISSING* Me at MICHAEL'S..??

ANYHOO... I managed to secure some HOOK-Time on The BLANKET... Just 25 more SQUARES and the BORDER left to DO! -- Actually, I *could* have just put a Border on IT Today. However, with the PATTERN I'm using, IT looks *much* BETTER in the "Larger"-Size. Which, should also *enhance* the BORDER's Aesthetic as well...

...You'll "SEE" when IT's Done! -- *IF* I can get IT Photographed PROPERLY! - IT will definitely *need* some "PROPS"... And, SUNLIGHT... But mostly, a *CLEAN* SPACE to Lay IT out ON -- that "NAVY" YARN Picks-Up-EVERYTHING!!

hmm... I need to go Out on a "LOCATION"-SCOUT!!


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