Saturday, April 6, 2013


...AND, PARKING "TIMING"! -- WHICH, We'll begin with First!

For REAL?! -- WHY is it, that WHENever I have to *STRUGGLE* - [THE CAR has a Low Wheel-Base and the Turning-Radius of a SUPERTANKER!] - INTO that Finally-FOUND-"SPOT", UMPTEEN **BETTER** Spaces SUDDENLY "Open-Up"..??!!


Then Secondly... WHENever We're in an EMPTY Aisle or Display, a **CROWD** suddenly "BEAMS-IN"!!??

-- Honestly, BLOW-FLIES on ROADKILL in SUMMER are LESS likely to Happen THAN MOTHER & I getting STORE-*SWARMED*!!

UNLESS of course, We happen to be "SELLING" at a CRAFT SHOW... Then, *THEY* are NO where to be FOUND!!


ALL of which, brings Me to the case of These BOXES...

I managed to FIND & GRAB THEM from an Obscure-Shelf as I scoured the STORE in Search of any More of the LEOPARD-Print Ones...

EARLIER, at the rather *LONESOME*-Bin FULL of THESE "7-for-$10."-BOXES, I was just casually
"Discussing" THEM with ANOTHER-CUSTOMER, WHEN The-HORDE showed up!

-- A HOARD-ETTE-With-CHILDREN-and-TWO-Carts, began to Snatch-Up ALL of the LEOPARD-Ones before *I* could GET One!!


I didn't get a chance to Ask MANAGER-DAVE whether or not if there ANY More in the Stock-Room... Considering the "SALE", and What was Out on "The Floor", there *must* be a SUPPLY back There..?!

Anyway, in addition to THESE, I got a Few of the STRIPED-Ones - 2 in BLUE & WHITE and a RED & WHITE One.

Meanwhile, during Our HOUR-Plus-BARGAINS-Perusal, MOTHER found Me These LETTER-HOOKS. -- Actually, I was in need of THOSE! And, being down to 50-Cents didn't hurt, either!

I also picked up 2-each of the GLASS-PEBBLES in BLACK and a PURPLE-Mix -- $3.99

And, from the "AS-IS"-Shelf, there was This 18-MINI-TINS Package with just One "Missing" that was *significantly* Reduced to $8.75... I just *LOVE* "Little Tins"!! -- Don't know
"what" I'll put into THEM... Although, seeing as I now have 10 of These FOAM-BRUSHES for 4-Cents-each, "Paint" could be a Possibility..?

Naturally, NO SHOP-FARI to MICHAEL'S is
"Complete" *without* the Acquisition of YARN!!

"ON-SALE" for $1.19... I noticed Those BROWN Ones Last TUESDAY, when there had been only "5"... IT's one of those Colours in COTTON that I seldom see. And, RARELY in the BIG-BALL-Size!

And, I can NEVER have *enough* DARK BLUE!

Anyhoo... We had TWO-Cart LOADS when We were *DONE*! -- LUCKILY, I was able to actually USE one of those "SURVEY-COUPONS" and ended up with an ADDITIONAL 15%-OFF of MOST of My PURCHASES!!

hmm... That put the COTTON-YARN down to a BUCK-a-BALL... WooHoo!!

So. We *had* been "Planning" on Visiting a Semi-Annual "GUILD" CRAFT SHOW that's also ON This Weekend at One of the Local High-Schools, however, "Time" was getting away from Us. There was OTHER needed Shopping to attend TO! -- Perhaps Tomorrow, IF the WEATHER is "Good"..?? -- I'm hearing some *Mystery*-PRECIPITATION at the Moment...


We popped over to WALMART briefly... Except for the CHECKOUT Part. - NOT so "brief"!

Then finally, to THE MALL for *more* GROCERIES... Or, at least, what could *FIT* into THE CAR... The TRUNK was pretty much FULL of "EMPTY" Boxes!!


EVIL-TREE-NEXT-DOOR is *RAINING* "SYRUP" ALL-OVER Our Laneway! -- I don't ever Remember IT doing *that* MUCH before... We're seriously "almost" considering putting out CATCH-Buckets! -- The SQUIRRELS are already setting up a "SUGAR-BUSH"-Stand on what's left of the SNOWBANK!

hmm... It looks like I might have a Future USE for Those TINY-TINS after all...


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