Wednesday, April 3, 2013

HUFF & PUFF -- Day 3

I'VE JUST GOT TO SAY, there's *SOMETHING* truly WEIRD about Watching some Poor CROW "Fighting" a HEADWIND to get to a TREETOP... And, STAY There!!

You know, AS much as I *do* Appreciate the EVAPORATION going on, THREE DAYS of Erratic Day-Time WIND-GUSTS is becoming *Annoying*... Though, THANKFULLY, it's also been SUNNY! However, TEMPS could do with being just a tad HIGHER..?

Whatever... I just HOPE that the "WIND"-Part Blows ELSEwhere, Tomorrow. -- MOTHER and I have "PLANS" for the Day! And, NIPPY-WINDS will NOT be "Helpful"!


I Whipped-Up another "MOA-POT" Today. THIS Time with a ROUND-Bottom... The FIRST-ONE's had been SQUARE. -- I have "Future"-PLANS on FELTING IT. Mostly, to see IF IT "can" be FELTED..?

Although, AS I "PLAY" with IT, IT's beginning to Look like a Cute GIRLIE-HAT..?!! - hmm..??

I might have to put that HOT WATER on "HOLD"... And, Find a *BABY*-Head to "TEST" My THEORY!


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