Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BTW, Have I Ever "Mentioned" - How. Much. I. HATE! *SPARKLES*??!!


Mind You, I have absolutely Nothing against "SPARKLY" and/or "SPARKLING" - OR, even
"FAIRY-T DUST"...  JUST those Nasty-Teeny-Staticky-PARTICLES. THEY're like MICROBIAL-CONFETTI!!

IT's "TUESDAY". So, MICHAEL'S "SENIORS' DAY". -- And, "of course", I'd Forgotten that I *already* Used ALL of THIS Week's 40%-OFF-Coupons... However, still... 10%-OFF... I knew that I'd Find SOMETHING to Buy!


If You look at the PINK one really *close*,
You can SEE the Spread of INFESTATION!!

BUT, I picked THEM up AFTER
I got the Half-Price CLINGY-EVIL-*SPARKLE*-INFESTED-FOAM-CUP-HOLDERS from the Outside-Bins...

I *KNEW* I should have PASSED on THEM!!

IT was just One of THOSE kind of DAYS...

Just lots of *stupid* little things going awry...

IT's the SPARKLES! -- THEY *did* IT!


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