Saturday, July 7, 2012

YO!! BIRD "Wonder"! Take OFF, eh!!

I *NEED* TO GET **INTO** MY LANEWAY!! - Like, TODAY!! *BEFORE* I get T-Boned by a BUS!!

...stupid Fowl...

Anyhoo... The DAY began under a MUGGY, OVERCAST SKY. However, by NOON, IT was replaced with CLEAR BLUE SCORCHING! And, just *slightly* less HUMIDITY...

Despite PURCHASE-PROSPECTS looking like a Repeat of Last SATURDAY - with ITS total Lack of YARD SALES - as We ventured toward BEACON HILL, We DID Chance to come across ONE! -- The ONLY ONE as it turns out... And, quite the Little-BARGAIN-GEM!

The REALLY-REALLY-**NICE**-LADY was pretty much GIVING STUFF away with Her PRICES!! -- The Fact that She was on a BUSY-*Dusty*-"Connector"-Road and had had Few Customers might have Helped. Fortunately, She was just 2-Doors down from a QUIET Side-Street where We could SAFELY Park!

So, HERE'S *WHAT* I got....

The rather LOVELY 13-Inch CAKE PLATE was *ONLY* a DOLLAR!! -- Apparently, IT had belonged to Her Late-EX-Mother-In-Law..? - I Promised to give IT a "GOOD HOME"!

Actually, I'm thinking that IT could go well with that CAKE DOME I picked up a Few Months ago - [SEE 28APR2012 POST]. Hopefully, IT'll "FIT"..?!

I also Grabbed THIS IKEA LAMP for 50-CENTS!! -- I'm sure that I'll Find *some* SHADE for IT!

There were also a Couple of "Plain" Vases that I also *probably* could have acquired, but, I already HAVE *more* than I NEED!


After a FRUITLESS Circuit around BEACON HILL, We made the "Pilgrimage" to The SALLY-ANN.

huh. I found Several more PLATES that match Last Week's - [SEE 30JUN2012 POST] - BONE CHINA CUPS & SAUCERS... However, THEY weren't in as Good Condition. -- I passed.


IT's turning out to be a PLATTER-PURCHASING Day!! - hehe!!

THIS - $2.69 - OLIVE-Coloured 13-Inch PRESSED-GLASS HORS D'OEUVRE DISH *has* to WEIGH at *least* 2-KILOS!! -- Seriously. I'm certain My Wrists will likely be *KILLING* Me Tomorrow after lugging This THING around!

Although I couldn't Find any "MAKER-MARKS", from the Colour, Design-Quality, *and* Weight, I don't believe that IT's a "Modern" Piece... I *hope* NOT, anyway! -- Actually, I'd also hate to put any Food "ON" IT! The DETAILING is just TOO Pretty to COVER!

Afterward, We did THE-MALL-Tour... And then, HOME...

ahh... *WHY* is that ginormous ROBIN *BLOCKING* the laneway?! -- I *don't* need BEAK-BITS in My Tire-Treads!! -- MOVE! you tweeting-TWIT!!


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