Monday, July 2, 2012

HEY! Look WHO Popped By For a VISIT!!


SISTER & BIG-D took GRANDPARENTAL *Temporary* "Possession" and brought CADET-JUNIOR over for a MUCH *awaited* "BABY-BONDING" with The-ELDERLY-GREAT-GRANDPARENTAL-UNITS!

HE's almost 7-MONTHS now - IT's been FOUR since We've LAST SEEN Him!! -- He's "Standing"... Has *Several* TEETH! -- And, I think He has a Stronger-GRIP than FATHER!

BTW, I'm sooo GLAD that We "just-happened-to-have" EXTRA-[*FREE*-Sample-in-the-Correct-Size]- DIAPERS Handy!! -- just saying...


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