Sunday, July 15, 2012

Overcast. Rumble. **RAIN**!!

WOOHOO!! -- oh-kaay. So, IT was *only* ONE ISOLATED-THUNDER-CELL that lasted for 20-Minutes...

And, that most of the "EVIDENCE" of ITS passing was *history* not long afterward. But, STILL! At least, IT was "SOMETHING"!! -- I just WISH that IT would have STRIPPED-OFF *some* of the HEAT! The Humidex has only Increased now! UGH!

Meanwhile, I PRE-"Celebrated" Our brief NOAH-esque "Moment" with a couple of LOADS of LAUNDRY... oh! And, I *WON* $7. on the LOTTERY, too! - huh. "..when IT Rains, IT Pours..."

Well... THOSE were Today's "HIGHLIGHTS"!! -- Are We having *FUN*, yet..? -- I'm just gonna Post THIS and get back to "THAT-HAT"... Almost done! really!


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