Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Counting "Sheep"-Buy-Products...

OH! HEY!! IT **RAINED**!! -- sorta... A package of PAPER-TOWELS probably would have held what WATER there was! -- Well, at least The CLOUDS made *some* EFFORT!

ANYHOO... The "Good News", all that SKY-SQUIRTING happened AFTER I got HOME from My SHOP-FARI to "BIG-BOX-STORE-COUNTRY" over in ORLEANS. And, thankfully, TRAFFIC wasn't that Bad, either. -- IT's been a while since I've been out THAT WAY...

Did WALMART First... NO new YARN! -- Actually, I've been "noticing" that PARTICULAR-PROBLEM with ALL of Their Stores for almost a Year now... - GUYS? WHAT'S THE DEAL??

I left EMPTY-Handed. Well, except for the Exercise from "Touring" the Place!

The OTHER MICHAEL'S, next...

I had been HOPING that THIS ONE might have had the Odd *Different* Colour in Their
"CLASSIC WOOL" Selection..?
-- NO Luck!

LOOKS like I'm going to have to have a little
"Customer-CHAT" with MANAGER-DAVE over at My Regular-Store-Branch regarding

Meanwhile, I still had a "COUPON" left. So, GOT another BROWN for The STASH...

Next Door is VALUE VILLAGE. Spotted an Interesting SEASCAPE PAINTING, with NO PRICE! - But, I didn't want to waste Time hunting down the PRICING-PERSON. Besides, I really wasn't all that keen on the Frame.

The GLASS and CERAMICS also weren't so Exciting. Although, I did strike-up an Informative Conversation with another CUSTOMER - CORNFLOWER-GLASS-COLLECTING-LADY. And then, I was *interrupted* by some STUPID-"SPAM"-CALL on My CELL that I could hardly Hear! -- You know, there's a Reason "WHY" I usually leave IT *OFF*!

Anyway, the *ONLY* ITEM-of-INTEREST worth My Acquisitioning, were These BRASS NUMBERS at $2.25 for The PAIR...

- For the "COLLECTION", of course...

[BTW, I *really* could have USED "23" on the LOTTERY This Week!!]

Continuing to the NEXT STORE on "The Strip", was the HOMESENSE-WINNERS. -- I just breezed through There... IT isn't nearly as Nice as the One across from COSTCO.

On across the "Road" to the SUPERSTORE. Also, NOTHING!! TIME to head HOMEWARD
into the Not-For-a-Few-Hours-Yet-SUNSET before RUSH-HOUR! With, an *enroute* Stop at THE MALL...

IT was still "SUNNY" when I got There... 40-Minutes Later, I Walk out to DARK-Trying-to-Look-NASTY-and-Challenging-Me-To-GET-HOME-**BEFORE**-They-WASH-My-Car-CLOUDS overhead!!

-- oh, PUL-LEEZE! As IF!!


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