Thursday, July 12, 2012



Well, IT's been WEEKS since Our last "GOOD" RAIN, and with as many Weeks of 80F-plus Days... Needless to say, IT's getting a tad PARCHED in These Parts!! -- IT's NEVER been THIS BAD around Here!!

Although LAST SUMMER was nasty-HOT, at least We had 2-Months of RAIN in the Ground before-hand. However, THIS YEAR... a DRY WINTER, Below-Average SPRING Precipitation, and a Scorching SUMMER! -- When the WEEDS begin to *wither*, that's a "CLUE"...

ANYHOO... TODAY, I had to "BUS-IT" across Town, just past My DENTIST'S Office.

Missed the BUS on My Street, had to TREK over to the MAIN ROAD to grab a Different One. Then, Wait... -- Despite the HEAT, I'm *really* GLAD that there was a Steady-BREEZE out!

Between "TRANSFERS", I had a BANKING Errand... huh. ALL of the TELLERS are "Standing-By"! And, I'm the ONLY CUSTOMER?! - decisions, decisions..?

Since THAT went rather *quickly*, I probably should have taken Time to check-out the Rest of THE-BIG-MALL, but, I still had a little ways to go to get to My Primary Destination. -- I must have *just* MISSED the Previous BUS, as I had to WAIT... Thankfully, OUT of the SUN, however, the Area is *extremely* NOISEY!!

The 20-Minute Ride was closer to 30. I lost Count of how many Times I Switched Seats for the [grateful]-ELDERLY, the [dozing-off]-WHEEL-CHAIRed, the [CUTE]-BABY-BUGGYed... BTW, THANK-YOU-AIR-CONDITIONING!!

My "BUSINESS"-Appointment took all of 15-Minutes, IF that long!

Due to ROADWAY-Design, I have to Walk a bit to catch My Proper-BUS for the RETURN-TRIP - but, FIRST... I dropped by the Grocery Store over at the STRIP MALL across from the OFFICE. I had to go BY IT anyway...

Ladened with a couple of FOOD-ITEMS, I set off for the RETURN-STOP... That has a PAVING-CREW INFRONT-of-IT doing the Curb-Edge... I hope THOSE GUYS have tons of SUNSCREEN! And, WATER! -- As I watched THEM from My Shady-SpotWORKING in the HEAT, My "WAIT", as lengthy as IT was, seemed somewhat TRIVIAL at best!!

WHY does the TRIP-HOME always seem "SHORTER"..?

And, *never*-LACKING in Diverse-"CHARACTERS"??

Even though I had to make a BUS-Change at THE-BIG-MALL, I skipped on doing "The-TOUR-de-SHOP"! - I'd only be TEMPTED to spend too much MONEY on STUFF-I-DON'T-REALLY-NEED anyway... I continued to THE MALL. STUFF-I-DID-NEED was There.

And, rather than WAIT-around for My LAST BUS, I ended up WALKING HOME. IN the HEAT... SILLY-"sun-stroked"-AUNTIE!!

I *PLAN* to VEG Tomorrow...

MEANWHILE, I hope SISTER-S and My Nephew, "The GODSON" had more ENJOYABLE DAYS..?!!


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