Saturday, November 16, 2013

There has GOT TO BE an *EASIER* Way to DO "THIS"!?!

I'M SERIOUSLY *EXHAUSTED*!! -- And MOTHER would "like" to add ANOTHER "VENUE" onto This *SEASON*..?
yeah.. I *DON'T* think so! -- Not unless, I *just* SELL the TOQUES, can GET/share a TABLE for $15. or LESS, and SOMEONE ELSE "Drives"!!
ANYHOO... OVERALL, the Day went WELL!
  • The WEATHER was GREAT! - Warmer. SUNNY!!
  • We actually Left ON TIME! - Got GREEN LIGHTS for *most* of the Way!
  • CUSTOMER-TRAFFIC was Steady, although there have been bigger CROWDS in the Past...
  • "SALES" were a tad Slow at first, however, that perked up with the Sale of a Couple of My FLOPPY-BERETS.. SOLD FOUR in Total!
  • Got LOTS of "INTEREST" on a Few BLANKETS... But, being FIRST-TABLE in THE ROOM has its "Downside" when it comes to the "BIG-TICKET"-ITEMS and *immediate* Purchases!
  • Then again, *THANK-YOU*, FABULOUS-RETURNING-CUSTOMER-NANCY!! - She *Patiently* waited to BUY a *STACK* of WASHCLOTHS whilst ANOTHER-COUPLE-OF-WOMEN were literally *rummaging* through My "DISPLAY"! - Then RETURNED to BUY *MORE* a Half-Hour LATER!!
  • BTW, I need to seriously consider "CHARGING" for the PETTING-ZOO-"FELTING" going on with My BLANKETS and TOQUES - which NO ONE *Bought*, but sure ENJOYED "Handling"!
  • Meanwhile, NEITHER of the "CUSTOMERS" who *REQUESTED* That HAT and SCARF "showed-up"! -- NEXT TIME, I Definitely take "DEPOSITS"!
  • Honestly. I *could* have USED the TIME making WASHCLOTHS!
well... I "nodded-off" for a few Hours Earlier... Gonna most *definitely* SLEEP-*IN* Tomorrow!!
-- And, "maybe" catch-up on some "Paperwork"... Some Reading... VEGGING...


  1. Sounds like you had a very successful day at the craft show. Your display looks lovely.

  2. Glad it went well! Interesting to see what sells and what doesn't. I've sold at two now and probably need to do a bit of stock rethinking! :)

  3. Sounds like you did great! Gosh yes you should charge for a petting zoo. Crafts fairs can be exhausting can't they? Linking up from Handmade Monday


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