Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I'm running soooo BEHIND!!


SOMEONE - *Remind* Me NEXT YEAR to NOT accept ANY "CUSTOM"-ORDERS between My SHOWS!!

I "had" Planned on Starting on THE SCARF *EARLIER* - after Dinner... HOWEVER, I had one of My MID-Evening "NAPS" that somewhat skewed My SCHEDULE! -- I was positively POOPED from taking MOTHER DOWNTOWN to see the Lastest "SIGNATURES" CRAFT SHOW...

Well *over* 3-HOURS of Walking about and Talking to Several of the AWESOME ARTISANS... And, of course, I FORGOT to pick-up ONE of the SHOW-BROCHURES. - But, I *did* gather a Number of CARDS...

Anyhoo... MANY "New" PEOPLE... Perhaps at a LATER DATE, I'll POST some Highlights..? Just not *Now*. MUST get back to THE SCARF...


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