Saturday, May 19, 2012



Despite the Fact that the WEATHER was SHINY and SCORCHING - [28C] - IT's *also* a
"HOLIDAY"-WEEKEND, so Anyone who owns a Cottage, is OUT-OF-TOWN! Which, in turn, means LESS YARD-SALES...

Of the FEW going on in BEACON HILL, only ONE was of ANY Worth! And, was Where I obtained MOST of Today's "TRINKETS"...

I Love THIS COVERED BOWL! ...About 7-Inches or so. Only a DOLLAR!

Then, there were the BLUE-WHITE PLATES for a DOLLAR Each as well..

THEY also had a Service of Blue-White Dishes, but I *don't* need a SET. Besides, THEY were

Meanwhile, it's unfortunate that I don't Own a Truck, or have the "ROOM", OR had BEEN There EARLIER, as Someone ELSE had Bought the rather Good-Condition-OLD-Wide-Board-Wooden-BENCH!!

Anyway, We CHATTED for a while... Had *much* Conversation with the ENGAGING-4-YEAR-OLD-BOY-FROM-ACROSS-THE-STREET and His quite Large-8-Month-Old-BOXER-"MILO"...

A Brief-Stop at The SALLY-ANN was had... MOTHER found THIS PACK of KNITTING NEEDLES for Me - 99-Cents.

Off to FABRICLAND next for a "Looksee"... Found THESE TWO 100%-COTTON REMNANTS - BOTH are Less than a Meter.

Actually, I *almost* Bought THAT PLAID ONE during My Last Visit to the STORE... I Guess IT *really* wanted to Come-HOME with Me!?

Then, as I toured about the STORE, I was just giving the OVER-Priced
"Home-Decor" Section a quickie-peruse *WHEN*... THERE, in-a-tray-on-the-bottom-shelf-in-the-corner-behind-some-not-so-cheap-useless-stuff, THIS!!

Oooo! - AND, "HALF-Price" with a
"MEMBERSHIP"-Card - which, MOTHER HAS! -- huh. Who knew that I could Find ONE "Here"??!!

Afterward, some more "Local"-Shopping... THE MALL... And, HOME!! -- The CAR wanted to be *back* in ITS nice COOL Garage!


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