Monday, May 14, 2012

hehe!! I Was **RIGHT**!!

HIS MOTHER **DIDN'T** DIE!! -- I *knew* IT!!

...oh! Sorry! I just finished Watching the Last-Episode-of-the-Season of HAWAII FIVE-0. *MUCH*
DRAMA!! ...Car-Chases. Explosions!! Bullets and Blood EVERYWHERE!! And, the probable loss of *another* MAJOR CHARACTER..??!!

ANYHOO... A busy-busy Day... Oh, BTW, IT's looking like "SUMMER" again!!

Had to be up EARLY for an Appointment. Then, after Lunch, MOTHER and I headed over to VALUE-VILLAGE for Their "50%-OFF" SALE... She finally found a really nice Hooded-JACKET-COAT that She was In-WANTING-For.

I came across a lovely TEAL MERINO SWEATER - I can NEVER have Enough of Those! And, THIS STUFF...

I love "Recycled"-Green-GLASS-BOWL-POTS! And, the TIN was Cute... I "might" give IT to My SISTER. Maybe. -- THESE *weren't* "on-sale", but the DOLLAR-Each Price was "okay", seeing as I did LIKE Them.

Meanwhile, the Retinal-Scorching-HOT-PINK-ORANGE-[I'm-pretty-certain-that-IT's]-COTTON-["perhaps"-a-bit-of-LINEN-too?]-FABRIC *was* HALF-PRICE!

Granted, NOT amongst My Top-50-Fav-Colour-Combos, however, I believe One of The-PROGENY will likely be Blinded by ITS current "Trendy-ness"..? And, at $3. for the 2-Meters, IT was of TOO good a QUALITY to Pass on!

TWO-HOURS-LATER, We made it HOME! -- oh, look... I just "Bought" more "SHIPPING"-Stocks while I was gone...


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