Friday, May 4, 2012

How To Successfully Change a Calculator-Watch Battery...

STEP ONE - Get a Doctorate Degree in COMPUTER ENGINEERING!

It also HELPS to have Shortly-Manicured-Tiny-Fingers. The *PROPER* Screwdriver. To KNOW *Before-Hand*, the Correct BATTERY-Type!! A strong Light-Source. And, TO-NOT-LOSE-THE-MICROSCOPIC-SCREWS!! - [I suggest a piece of Adhesive-Tape to stick Them to]

I've had to OPEN My WATCH *TWICE* - so far... One of the Screws is "WELDED" in-place! I've all but Sheared-off the Head-Grooves. To compensate, I've managed to swing-out the Back-Plate to gain "ACCESS"... Then, pop the Plastic-Cover... And, of course, the BATTERY is SECURED under an ELABORATE "GRILL" of Thin-Strong-METAL!

The Goal of My FIRST Journey into ITS Temporal-Depths, was to determine *what* the Battery-TYPE was... Unfortunately, ITS *ENCLOSURE* prevented Me from viewing the needed "Number", as well as, ITS Thickness.

Based on a "Width"-only Description, MOTHER picked up some corresponding Candidates... Upon My SECOND Foray - *after* FINALLY "figuring-out" the SECRET-DEEP-SET-LATCH - I discovered to My dismay, that a much THINNER Battery was NEEDED!! -- aarrrggghhhhh!!

Tomorrow, I will GET the REQUIRED-ONE, and *OPEN* IT up AGAIN!! -- IT had *better* WORK!!

Meanwhile, I spent the Remainder of My UNwatched Time, doing THIS...


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