Saturday, May 26, 2012

We've been FRAMED into "SHOP"-mission!!


Despite the Scorching-Sunlight, a Perfect-Day for the usual SATURDAY-SALE-SCAVENGE! Thankfully, most of the Humidity had been blown away by the brief, yet *quite* VIOLENT, STORMLINE that swept through the Local Area just after Dinner Last Night. - [a Teenager died from a Lightning-Strike!]

We actually had a "TORNADO-WATCH" WARNING! - Not a common occurrence in These Parts. We get some Severe-Wind-Storms, but Twisters are a bit Rare... Anyway, We had several Inches of Flash-RAIN, but IT drained off soon enough. I think a few of Our LILAC Bushes got beat-up though.

Whatever... BEACON HILL was having a "Community" YARD-SALE Day..?

-- You know, I remember the Days when THAT meant Every-Other-House had a Sale!! - "NOW"
...not-so-much! Nevertheless, We had a FULL DAY of "Shopping"!!

So, CHECK OUT My "TRUNK-Space"....

"WOLF" NEEDLEWORK - 50-Cents - ATTEMPTING to Photograph THIS
"Properly" was a *challenge*! - [there's a lot more Colour-Detail going on!] - The actual "Canvas" is about 4x6", Professionally-Framed into a 8x10" matte under Glass. You have to see IT up-close to fully appreciate The "ARTISAN's" Skill in combining the Stitches with the Fiber-Textures.
-- MOTHER had thought IT was a "Painting", even from a close-distance.

My initial intention was to give IT to SISTER - since She likes Wolves - however, *IF* IT doesn't
"fit" into Her *current* Decor, then *I'll* KEEP IT! -- Then again, I *should* just keep IT anyway!.. IT really IS Well-Done!

hmm... IT would look good next to My NAVAJO SAND PAINTING[SEE 28MAY2011 POST] - and that BISON PAINTING - [SEE 07MAY2011 POST]...

- *FREE*

YES! THESE were in a "FREE-STUFF" Box!! They're about 5-Inches High.

Nice "neutral" Shades
that can fit ANY where!

$10. - TOTAL

- The TWO LARGER FRAMES are 13x11", Made in MEXICO. The "backings" need Repair, but that's a *minor* Issue!

I love the AZTEC-ish Design!

- The SMALLER ONE is in good condition with ITS lovely *metal* Arm-Stand.

WOOD / CHROME FRAMES - $2. - TOTAL - We found THIS LOT after the Pewter-Place... These FRAMES are in Perfect Condition!! A Couple *still* have Their $20-PRICE-STICKERS on!! The Lower-Left one is Chrome...

-- BTW, the handful of Other-Ones that I passed on, MOTHER got for the SAME *Steal* of a Price!


- 50-Cents

- I got THIS with the WOLF Canvas. -- I've actually been to the Place...

And, I have a Few of These Type of "Etchings" - that should probably be more accurately referred to as "EMBOSSMENTS"..?

Whichever, I'm *trying* to Remember whether or not if I don't ALREADY *have* THIS ONE..?!

As for the OTHER ODDS & ENDS of My BOOTY...

Magnetized WIRE-WEAVE HOLDER - [upside-down] - 10-Cents - IT's only a Few-Inches in size, but I'm sure that IT'll be handy for Something!

Magnetized RECYCLED-GLASS TEALIGHT-HOLDER - 25-Cents - "Someone" certainly had a Thing for Little-Magnets and Glue-Guns!!

"IKEA"-esque PEWTER PULL-KNOBS - There were FOUR of THESE in the *same* Bag as the...

PINK CERAMIC DRAWER-PULLS - 50-Cents - TOTAL for 20 of THESE plus the 4-Pewter ones. Despite NOT being a big "Pink" FAN, I *do* love Ceramics-bits... Perhaps, One of The PROGENY will be in Need of Them at some Future Date..? -- Besides, at THAT Price..?!

DRAGONFLY SHOWER RINGS - $2. - A DOZEN of THESE. Brand NEW! Good quality.

RHINO PIN - 50-Cents - I "know" that I have ONE of THESE "someWHERE" in My
"COLLECTION"! And, in Silver-Colour, too... Whatever. IT's a *RHINO*!! -- I couldn't "NOT"
Buy IT!!

AFTERWARD, We stopped off at the BEACON HILL MALL, where We made Our "MOST-UNIQUE-FIND-OF-THE-DAY"!!

On the way Back to The CAR, MOTHER spotted what, I thought, was just a bit of a folded
"brochure"..?? - After I got Her into The VEHICLE, I went back to IT - if *only* to Satisfy Her Curiosity... Well, as IT turned out, IT was SOMEONE'S *PASSPORT*!! - A "Foreign" one.

Which, had NO Contact Info! Anyway, on the chance that Said Owner was *still* IN the Mall, I left IT with the "Saturday-Manager" of the Pharmacy - since, it was Their Parking-Area. And, the most "secure" Store that was Open! -- The Bank and the "Government" Departments housed there weren't...

Meanwhile, We still had further THINGS-TO-DO-PLACES-TO-BE!!



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  1. Ohhhh, you are so right! That wolf is wonderful!! Someone put a lot of work into that little piece. Loving the etching too. (A place I hope to one day visit myself!)

    I just wish I had the energy to go hit the garage sales again. Maybe once my hours at school wrap up. Then I'll have goodies to show you!!


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