Wednesday, May 23, 2012


HOT & SUNNY Today! -- Had STUFF to *do*. THINGS to BUY! - TRAFFIC to stay Ahead of!

I Began with a Brief Visit to THE BIG MALL. Just the BANK and POST OFFICE. *NO* Purchases,
despite the Temptations of one Place...

On to MICHAEL'S... Had a COUPON that needed to FULFILL ITS *DISCOUNTING*-DESTINY! -- Got another BALL of that Light GREEN WOOL I've been using. Since there wasn't anything ELSE of "interest", I didn't stay long, as I needed to get a jump on the Soon-To-Be-TRAFFIC on the Way to COSTCO.

Same ole Stuff THERE! -- Milk, Eggs, Bananas, MOTHER'S Magazine... ah. Paper-Towels are on SALE! OH! And, I need Crackers too...

-- BTW, IT's a Good Thing that I *ALWAYS* bring a COOLER-*with*-ICE whenever there's a probability of Grocery-Acquisitions in the offing. Otherwise, "HATCHING" might have occurred in My *HOT* WHEELS!!

Anyhoo... Seeing as I didn't have Time to Last Week, Today, I MADE the Time to DOCK at PIER ONE!! -- There was a SALE still ON!

- [aarrggghhhh!!] - I settled on These BITS...

I got The GARDEN TOOL ORNAMENTS for SISTER... They're about 3 or 4 Inches, made of what seems like some Porcelain-Sand-Resin-MIX?? -- I don't care really, as They're "CUTE", I know She'll love Them, *AND* They were only 18-Cents-a-Piece!! - [MOTHER rather liked Them as well... I might have to go Back later in the Week!]

Meanwhile... *NOT* that I really "need" Them, BUT I liked the CLASSIC BLACK & WHITE STRIPING of These CORK-STOPPERS. The 88-Cents Each Price also favoured well in My "Decision"...

They're only a Couple of Inches. I thought the Knobs might be Glass, but I'm leaning toward a very hard Acrylic perhaps..? I have to take a closer look... Later... I'm just going to ENJOY the "Look" of Them for NOW!!


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