Thursday, May 24, 2012

UGH!! -- "The DENTIST"!!

VISIT-ONE... -- IT wasn't THAT BAD!

Mostly because of 4-Words: "THANK YOU DENTAL INSURANCE!!" - However, I DO have *another* "Appointment" for Next Week... And, *hopefully*, NOT an Additional One AFTERward..?

-- I probably really SHOULD "FLOSS" *more*!

oh, well... I got another "FREE" [?] TOOTHBRUSH and TUBE of PASTE!!

ANYHOO... At least the WEATHER was quite HOT & SHINY! Some Breezy Clouds to break-up the SCORCHING Moments. So glad that the BUSES have Air-Conditioning!

Seeing as I had been in a RUSH to catch My various BUS-Connections ON-TIME, I didn't have opportunity to make any PIT-"SHOPS" along the Way. Had to Wait until the End for My *Tour*-de-MALL... And then, WALK HOME from There. -- This is the Part where those CLOUDS were of much RELIEF!

Later, I spent some more Time on THIS...

hmm... I wonder if I should Crochet little TOOTH-FAIRY BAGS out of that FREE DENTAL FLOSS..?


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