Tuesday, May 15, 2012



But, BEFORE I could Depart, some CYBER-ness had to be seen to... A bit of virtual Stock-"Shopping" had to be "set-up" so I could get on with My Hands-On-REAL-Time-"Marketing"!

COSTCO - It was the USUAL "MILK & a MAGAZINE for MOM"... And, a Much-Food-Sampling-of-Mini-Munchies-"LUNCH" for Me! -- *Happy*-TASTEBUDS always leads to having FEWER PESKY-PEDESTRIANS to Pick-out of The CAR'S Grillwork later in the Day...

HOMESENSE - The VISUAL Colour-"Assault" when One first "WALKS-IN", is quite...
OVERwhelming! -- I've NO Doubts that My Credit-Cards were being DEAFENED by all of the Subliminal PLEAS of "..BUY ME! BUY ME!!" emanating from The STUFF! However, I just managed to RESIST the Siren-Call... - [..nuts!! I really LIKED those Cafe-Chairs-That-I-have-NO-Room-For...]

Afterward, I Survived the Pre-TRAFFIC-RUSH getting to TRAINYARDS.

MICHAEL'S - Got My FAV "Parking-Spot". And, found THESE - [ABOVE] - NOTE-CARDS
and JOURNAL in Clearance-Baskets at the Front-Door... At 54-Cents Each - [after Discounts] - and looking so Country-Chic, I figured They would be "Handy" to have around... Once INSIDE, I bee-lined it over to the "YARN SECTION"...

YAY! Some more "RED" came in! - Grabbed One!

And some "COTTON YARN" - a NEW Colour! - that was also "ON-SALE"!

- Still, *not* as much as I would have LIKED, but then, I suddenly REMEMBERED about My TUESDAY-SENIORS'-DISCOUNT! -- I knew there was SOMETHING that I was Forgetting...

The "HOUR" was getting on, so I opted to go to the Grocery-Store, *instead* of popping into PIER-ONE first... ahhh...maybe NEXT Week..?!


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