Saturday, April 2, 2011

*Crafty* Card Swapping

WOW! *Another* Super-SPRING Saturday!

Yet - strangely - not many People about... Well, at least *not* around Here... Whatever. NOT a Problem! Less TRAFFIC for Me.

So. We headed over to the OTTAWA ARTISANS GUILD Springtime Show at Lester B. Pearson High School... It's just a few Minutes away - sans Red Lights. -- There were a few NEW Faces this Time. And, We ended up staying longer than We had planned on - "Chatting" People up, will DO that.

And, OH, *just* before We turned into the Parking Lot, We BOTH realized that We had FORGOTTEN Our Cameras at HOME!!


Anyway... I'm just going to have to rely on the odd Pic that I've poached from the various ARTISANS and CRAFTERS We spoke with - at least the Ones *with* Websites!

First off, We conversed with SUSAN FRANKLIN of SUE'S STITCHERY - She does some rather Complex-looking Mini-LOOM-type - I think it was Crochet - AFGHANS. AND, absolutely *Cool* RAGGEDY ANN DOLLS!! -- I haven't seen so many of THOSE in AGES!! I *really* WISH that She had a Website to show Them off.

"STREAMLINE" - Leah Hicks

Although, We didn't speak with Her, I did enjoy the ARTWORK of LEAH HICKS - Abstract, but *very* Colourful and Textural.

THIS Canvas, was One of My Favourites. And, was *much* more Striking *in person*!

The - CRISP - Chromatic Hues of ALEX JOHNSTON's Poncho-Shawls was what initially grabbed My attention, and Our subsequent "chat"...

I took a liking to KATE ARNOLD's - of
of Suitcases for Her "FLIGHTS of
FANCY" Feathered Hair Accessories.

She also has the making of an interesting BLOOG going on...

There were also a Couple of "Figure" Sculpture Artists... The First One that We spoke with - I believe it was LYNN of LYNN'S DIVINE CREATIONS... I keep forgetting to actually READ People's NAME TAGS!! Anyway, She had these lovely "Bronzed"-like Sculpted Figurines mounted on Rocks. But, alas, I had no Camera, and She, NO Website!

The Other One, was NANCY LEIGH-SMITH with wonderfully whimsical Fibre-Figures...


The CRAFT SHOW continues until Tomorrow and supports the OTTAWA FOOD BANK.


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