Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shop-HOPPING... Watch OUT For That BLOOG!


...THAT had to HURT...

Scarier yet, IT reminds Me of My Room... Fortunately for Me, My occasional Guest SPINSTERS don't hang out with such Sharp Objects! ...At least, I don't think They do...? -- Wait. If They join up with My Hoard of DUST-BUNNIES, I could end up on The HOOK! ...crap..

Anyhoo.. I came across CRYSTAL GREGORY's "WebWork" by way of
Have a LOOK around There for Other Cool Crafty Stuff!

BTW, speaking of BLOOG-Hopping... I stumbled onto THIS earlier Today - The CANADIAN WEBLOG AWARDS.

CHECK OUT the NOMINATIONS Page - I'm certain that there's a Bloog or Two that might grab Your Interests... However, DON'T Forget to come back - HERE! O-kay..?

OH! And, I wouldn't object at *all*, IF "ANYONE" or More FELT like "Nominating" *SOMEONE*?

...just humbly-hinting... -- The BUTTON is on The SIDEBAR...

Soooo.... How about that Stupid Weather, eh? -- It was Cold and Windy and Raining for MOST of the Day. Then, by the Late Afternoon, it was Warmer and Sunny!

And, the Shopping Populace were JUST as Unpredictable! We went to Our Primary-Bargain-Priced
Grocery Store, which is pretty much a ZOO on Saturdays. However, when You consider the Fact that ALL of the Stores were CLOSED Yesterday, and will ALSO be Tomorrow, because of the HOLIDAYS - well, just Multiply the CHAOS by "42"! Plus, Drizzle...

Afterall, the ICE CREAM was on Sale.. And, it's just *not* a Proper HOLIDAY DESSERT *without* some DRIZZLE!

By the Time We arrived at THE MALL, The SUN was out - between the Wind-Swept Clouds - and Temps were on the RISE, as the Crowds were on the DECLINE. NO *new* Yarn... And, NO "MALL-BUNNY", either! [pooh!]

..well...except for that Stuffed-Animated-Bunny at ZELLERS... I should have taken a Video!

Whatever... It's just NOT "EASTER" Saturday *without* a MALL-BUNNY handing out Treats!!


Before ANYone begins to "wonder"... Yes, I've *been* a MALL-BUNNY. -- *Twice*!

The FULL Costume, *NOT* allowed to Talk, giving out Tons of crappy-cheap-chocolate Eggs to Children that I *couldn't* SEE below 4-Feet as They would WRAP Themselves around My Legs!!

The THINGS I *do* for FAMILY! -- And, the TOP-of-the-Scale Rate that My Cousin, THE CLOWN was *PAYING* Me!

..ah.. Good Times... Good Times....

Hang on a Sec... WOOHOO! -- Just WON $7. AGAIN!



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  1. Right you have been nominated for best crafting blog and best life blog i thought political education was a bit much hehe hugs tinkx


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