Sunday, April 17, 2011

"ORIGINALS" Spring Craft Show - Part 2

IT WAS A DARK AND GUSTY DAY... So, of course, I decided on finally getting around to LOOKING *at* My INCOME TAXES! -- Unlike the U.S., Here in CANADA, We have *until* the END of the Month to do Ours... I've got waay TOO much Paperwork to do than is probably *really* necessary to GET *My* own Money BACK! ugh!

Anyway, ENOUGH "Nastiness"... Let's RETURN to PRETTY THINGS, shall We? -- PART 2 of My Observations of the "ORIGINALS" Spring Craft Show!

BTW, *All* of These PICS have been gleaned from The ARTISANS' Websites and were not all particularly AT The SHOW.

I love WOODWORK! It runs in the DNA on Both Sides of My FAMILY... So, I appreciate the SKILL that goes into Producing such Artistry.

When We went by His Booth, STEPHEN HAIGH was in the midst of having His Lunch - which, I *didn't* want to interrupt! These SHOWS are hectic enough as it is, and that whole "Starving Artist" bit needs to be kept in check...

So, I took His CARD, expressed My profound Admiration for His FINE MARQUETRY Work, and moved
on to leave Him in peace...

I was taken with the Subtle Palette, yet Expressive Composition of ROXANE TRACEY's Inspirational ARTWORK...

Have I mentioned that I also have this "THING" for GLASS...?

LLYOD and DIANE PROULX of OUT OF RUINS had this wonderful
"Bright & Shiny" Corner Booth that bought all of Their GALLERY GLASS to Life!

Why settle for plain old Stain-Glass when You can have THESE!

Well, I'm in the Mood for some "Dabbling"... Me and THE HOOKS are in need of a little Quality Time..


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