Sunday, April 24, 2011

HOPPY Chocolate-Overdose DAY!!

SO. From WHICH *Part* of those Chocolate "Figures" do You take Your FIRST BITE...? The Head? The Legs? Perhaps, a Floppy Ear...? Or, do You just swallow those Eggs *whole*??

Personally, I usually go for the Head, AFTER snapping it off at the Neck... It's so much more Merciful. And, it prevents Them from Screaming. -- Besides, Who wants VENGEFUL Chocolate
haunting Their HIPS?! -- MOTHER's sinfully chewy Chocolate ANGELFOOD CUPCAKES are *already* THERE!

Anyhoo... Speaking of "FIRST BITES"...

"WORD" is that LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED - Who turns 6-Months Tomorrow, BTW - just *got* Her FIRST FANG!

-- I see smushed-up Baby Carrots in Her Future...


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